16 Hour Administrative Course Package | Michigan Code Officials


This package fulfills all 16 hours of Administrative Category continuing education for Building Officials and contains the following ($187 value)

  • 6-hour   Business of Building #18299  (6 hr Administrative)
  • 6-hour   Contracts, Liabilities, & Risk Management  #18300  (6 hr Administrative)
  • 4-hour   Responsibilities of Building Officials #18302  (4 hr Administrative)





Business of Building


Course Description

This six hour course focuses on the primary responsibilities of running a successful contracting business according to the rules and regulations surrounding the industry.  This especially includes statutory regulations regarding qualifications, standards of practice and licensing requirements. This course will review the fundamentals of business practice for building professionals in Michigan. This course applies 6-Hours towards Administrative credit.

Licensing (80 Minutes)

1. Branches
2. Board and Duties
3. Fees and Expiration
4. Complaints and Hearings
5. Disputes and Violations
6. Continuing Education and Qualifiers
7. Application and Arbitration
8. Enforcement Fund

Assessment: 5 questions

Lien Law (50 Minutes)

1. Notices
2. Sworn Statements
3. Waivers
4. Enforcement

Assessment: 5 questions


Business Organization (20 Minutes)

1.  Types

Assessment: 5 questions

Finance (60 Minutes)

1.  Forecasts
2.  Accounting

Assessment: 5 questions

Taxes (15 Minutes)

1.  Withholding

Assessment: 5 questions

Labor Law (30 Minutes)

1.  Minors
2.  Disabilities

Assessment: 5 questions

Fair Housing (15 Minutes)

1.  General Information

Assessment: 5 questions

Estimating (30 Minutes)

1.  Bids
2.  Change Orders

Assessment: 5 questions

Contracts, Liabilities and Risk Management

Course Description

This six hour video course explains the principles of contract law and the important elements of a home building and remodeling contract. The difference between various contracts used in the residential construction industry is also described. Requirements and types of insurance are also covered in this course, as well as the details of Workers Compensation.  This 6-hour course applies six hours towards Administrative credit.

Contract Rules and Elements (30 Minutes)

1.  Contractor law
2.  Content of written agreements
3.  Clarity
4.  Required Documents

Assessment:  5 questions

Contract Types (30 Minutes)

1.  Contract Documents
2.  Role of the Contractor
3.  Fixed Price Contract
4.  Unit Price Contract
5.  Cost Plus Fee Contracts

Assessment:  5 questions

Retainage and Scope Creep (20 Minutes)

1.  Liquidated Damages
2.  Retainage
3.  Scope Creep
4.  Request for Proposal

Assessment:  5 questions 

Bidding (20 Minutes)

1.  Pre-proposal Meetings
2.  Decision Matrix
3.  Letter of Intent
4.  No Bid Letter
5.  Contract Sources

Assessment:  5 questions 

Contract Formatting (15 Minutes)

1.  Fundamentals
2.  Consideration
3.  Written vs. Oral

Assessment:  5 questions

Offer and Acceptance (30 Minutes)

1.  Capacity
2.  Offer and Acceptance
3.  Terms and Conditions

Assessment:  5 questions 

Consideration (20 Minutes)

1.  Consideration
2.  Agents
3.  Delegation of Responsibility – 2 minutes
4.  Reasonable Person

Assessment:  5 questions

Duress and Fraud (20 Minutes)

1.  Illegal Contracts
2.  Duress
3.  Fraud

Assessment:  5 questions 

Breach of Contract (30 Minutes)

1.  Time Limits
2.  Form Contracts
3.  Fine Print
4.  Get it in Writing

Assessment:  5 questions

Home Solicitation Act (30 Minutes)

1.  What’s Covered
2.  Right-to-Revoke
3.  Cancellation

Assessment:  5 questions

Home Improvement Act (30 Minutes)

1.  Gift Promotion Act
2.  Truth in Lending Act
3.  Home Improvement Finance Act
4.  Owner Built Transfer Act

Assessment:  5 questions

Insurance, Risk and Liability (20 Minutes)

1.  Risk Management
2.  Builder’s/Property Insurance
3.  Liability Insurance

Assessment:  5 questions

Workers’ Compensation (20 Minutes)

1.  Surety Bonds
2.  Workers’ Compensation
3.  Independent Contractors – 5 minutes
4.  Classifications

Assessment:  5 questions

Responsibilities of Building Officials

Course Description

Building inspectors employed by a county, city or other unit of government for the express purpose of enforcing the state building code shall be registered with the Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs, Bureau of Construction Codes, Building Division; (517) 241-9347. Registered building inspectors are required to have experience in the construction industry and demonstrate ability to perform competent inspections throughout all phases of the construction project. This 4-Hour course applies four hours to Administration.



1972 PA 230  (70 Minutes)

1.  Construction Codes
2.  Administration and Enforcement
3.  Use and Occupancy

Assessment: 5 questions

Licensing  (60 Minutes)

1.  Education and Experience Requirements
2.  Application and Registration Process
3.  Act 54 of 1986

Assessment: 5 questions

1980 PA 299 (70 Minutes)

1.  Powers and Duties: LARA
2.  Rules, Penalties and Fines
3.  Complaints and Hearings

Assessment: 5 questions

School Site Plan (60 Minutes)

1.  Submission Requirements
2.  ADA and Public Schools
3.  Turning Space

Assessment: 5 questions


Course instructors will be available by email or telephone between 9am and 5pm Eastern Standard Time. They will assist you with questions regarding course content.

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