Benefits of our Corporate Training Programs

Along with the opportunity to choose a specialized course curriculum, you will also be offered special discounted pricing and your own corporate portal.  This portal is password protected for your company use only.  Builders License Training Institute will assume that all orders placed through your corporate portal have been authorized for payment by your company.  Each student must be registered individually with their own student information, address info and passwords. Our student information spreadsheet simplifies this process for your staff.  Multiple courses may be selected and will be added to the student account immediately upon purchase. When a student logs into their own secure account, they will see each course listed.

Step 1

Call or Email the Corporate Training Department: Our dedicated staff ready to help you with the setup of your company’s training portal.  It only takes a minute!

Corporate Training Department: 1-800-727-7104

Email: james@onlinecti.com | cheryl@onlinecti.com

Step 2

Choose your training and method of payment: We offer a variety of options to fulfill your company’s training needs. Whether the training is single session or on-going, for business or safety, or just a part of your onboarding process, we can build a training solution that fits your needs.

Don’t know what training your employee’s need? Our staff can help you choose the correct training for your team.

Step 3

Start Training: Your employees can start their training immediately. We even organize and store all of your employee’s certificates and training records at no cost.

It that easy. So don’t wait, Start Today!

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