Ohio Contractor FAQs

Contractor licensing in Ohio is not required at the state level. Check with local county/city for regulations. Information on obtaining an electrical, HVAC, refrigeration, plumbing and hydronics license may be obtained from:

Construction Industry Licensing Board
6606 Tussing Rd.
Reynoldsbury, OH  43068
Phone:  (614) 644-3493
Fax:  (614) 728-1200
Website:  http://www.com.state.oh.us

No, not at the state level. Check with local city/county regulations for General Contractors. However, Experience and an Exam is required to obtain an electrical, plumbing, HVAC, hydronics or refrigeration license.

No, not for General Contractor. All other contractors listed above require continued education.


Check with local city/county for regulations

Check with local city/county for reciprocity. (Ohio has agreements with West Virginia and Kentucky for Electrical only)

  • Information Last Updated: 04/2020
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