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Michigan Residential Builders License and M&A Contractors Exam Prep Online

We are proud to say that we offer the highest quality online exam preparation course in Michigan.  Our team is continually researching and talking to students who have taken that exam.  Our program is designed so we can add information as soon as we receive it, making sure you always receive the most up to date information available.  We are continually receiving testimonials confirming that we provide the best and most thorough program available.

We are so confident in our course, we offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee  -  Pass that test on your first try or get your money back! (click here for more information)

“I took your course and did the review after and passed the test on the first try. I will keep you in mind if I hear of anyone looking to take the Builders class. Thank God I took the math review as well a day or so before I took the test. It helped out a lot on the math questions. A great experience.” David Heino from Taylor, Michigan (January 16, 2013)

Michigan Residential Builder and M&A Contractor 2-Exam Prep  Package

This online course includes hundreds of practice questions just like those on the State exam.  As close to the real test as it gets! 



Price: $99.00


Michigan Contractor Complete  2-Exam Prep and 3-Refresher Course Package

This package contains all the subjects you should focus on when studying for your MI Builders Exam. You’ll be able to review the material as often as you wish.  We’ve also included practice tests as well as review courses for both the Business & Law and Trades portion of your exam, plus a Construction Math Review. 

This package includes the following:

  • Business of Building Video Course
  • Overview of Building Trades Video Course
  • Exam Prep Business & Law
  • Exam Prep Trades
  • Construction Math Online  (includes every math formula you will be faced with on the State exam)
  • 60-Hour Information Packet: MI Applications, PSI Examination Brochure (LARA), MIOSHA Review Study Sheets, Reading House Plans/Blueprints Study Sheets, Interpretations and Articles 1-6, 24 and Lien Laws. 


Price: $159.00





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