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Michigan Builders Pre-License Course

Why Choose Us?

MI_ResCode_2015_with Flag,Hammer n Hardhat

check-dark-red-th  The BEST State Exam Prep available!
check-dark-red-th  98% first-time pass rate
check-dark-red-th  100% Money Back Guarantee! (more info)
check-dark-red-th  We store your training records
check-dark-red-th  Payment options available
check-dark-red-th  Immediate access from any computer or mobile device
check-dark-red-th  We are a Michigan owned and operated school!

We are the only school that provides our courses in Video and Printable text.

“… thank you for offering the 60-hour online course. I am certain that your course is the reason that I passed my Michigan license test on the first try.  Thanks again!”   Matthew Jacks from Caspian, Michigan

60 Hour Michigan Builders Prelicensure Course

(State Approval #364-CP3018)

The state of Michigan requires ALL persons seeking a Builders or M&A license to complete 60 hours of prelicensure training.  This course is fully accepted by the state of Michigan, and will fully prepare you to PASS the state exam.

NOTE: The Michigan Residential Code Book is required for the program. The State of Michigan requires all builders to own the book prior to taking the state exam.

Price: $349.00

Course and Book Packages

Save money by purchasing the 60-hour program and books in a package!

Course and MI Code Book Package #1

  • 60 Hour Prelicense Online Course
  • Michigan 2015 Residential Code Book
  • Carpentry and Building Construction Book, 2016 Edition (Recommended)

($804 value Save $269!)


Price: $535.00
Course and MI Code Book Package #2:

  • 60 Hour Prelicense Online Course
  • Michigan Residential Code Book, 2015 Edition

($699 value Save $235!)

Price: $464.00
Course and Carpentry & Building Construction Book Package #3:

  • 60 Hour Prelicense Online Course
  • Carpentry and Building Construction, 2016 Edition (Recommended)

($664 value Save $235)

Price: $429.00



Individual Books

Michigan Residential Code Book 2015Michigan Residential Code Book

This book is required for the course.The State of Michigan requires every licensed builder or contractor to own this book. (Price includes shipping)  

Price: $145.00


carpentrybuilding-construction-new-optimized_9-21_16-jpg-2Carpentry and Building Construction 2016 Edition

Recommended for all states as a helpful text in studying for any of the trades exams.

This text covers all of the trades you will be tested on and is an excellent reference source for contractors to own.

Preprinted Tabs

Price: $110.00

Price: $7.00

What can I expect in your 60-Hour Prelicense Course?

Our 60-hour program consists of eight separate courses:

  1. Business of Building walks you through setting up your business, the rules that apply and prepares you for the Business/Law portion of the State exam.
    60-hours Business management, estimating, and job costing; 3 hours Electives)
  2. Marketing for Contractors teaches you how to bring in new customers year round.
    (6 hours Marketing and Sales; 1-hour Electives)
  3. Project Management teaches you how to complete your projects on time and on budget.
    (6 hours Project Management and Scheduling; 1-hour Electives)
  4. Contracts and Risk Management makes sure you understand the importance of contracts and insurance.
    (6 hours Contracts and Risk Management; 1-hour Electives)
  5. Construction Safety reviews the OSHA Standards of the industry.
    (6 hours Construction safety standards promulgated under the Michigan occupational safety and health act, 1974 PA 154, MCL 408.1001 to 408.1094; 1-hour Electives)
  6. Overview of Building Trades focuses on what you need to know to pass the Trades portion of the State exam.
    (9 hours Electives)
  7. Building Green shows you how to save your customer’s money and boost your profit at the same time.
    (6 hours Design and Building Science; 1-hour Electives)
  8. Residential Code Review walks you through the code book so you can use it as a tool.
    (6 hours of the Current Michigan Residential Code; 1-hour Electives)

Also included with the course:

  • Step-By-Step Users Guide to completing the program.
  • The best test prep software available, with sample questions as close to the real test as it gets.
  • Construction Math tutorial that teaches you the math formulas you will see on the State exam.
  • All forms and applications you will need, along with step by step instructions of the licensing process.
  • Certificates of Completion
  • Instructor Support (click here for more information)
  • Money Back Guarantee — Pass the test on your first try or get your money back.

What are the steps to obtain a Michigan Builders  or a Maintenance & Alteration License?

Step 1:  Complete an approved 60-Hour Builders Prelicense Course and receive Certificates of Completion.

Step 2:  Send your license application, Certificates of Completion and $195 fee to the State of Michigan for approval.  This usually takes 2-4 weeks.

Step 3: Register with PSI for the State Exam ($111) and Pass it on your first try. We are so confident in our course, we have a full Money Back Guarantee!


What are the locations for the Michigan Builders  or Maintenance & Alteration Licensing exams?

  • Dearborn
  • Gaylord
  • Grand Rapids
  • Lansing (Holt)
  • Marquette
  • Southfield


What can I expect with the State Exam?

The State exam is made up of two main parts:

  • Part 1 Business and Law Exam – There are 50 questions on the exam and you must answer at least 36 questions correctly in order to pass. The minimum passing score is 72%. You are allowed 75 minutes to complete the exam.
  • Part 2 – Trades Exam – The Trades Exam is different for the Individual Residential Builder and the Maintenance & Alteration licensing:
    • Residential Builder Trades Exam – There are 100 questions on the Residential Builder exam and you must answer at least 73 questions correctly in order to pass. The minimum passing score is 73%. You are allowed 150 minutes to complete the exam.
    • Maintenance & Alteration Trades Exam – A separate trade exam is required for each trade you wish to be licensed in. Each trade exam ranges from 25 to 50 questions. Please click on the  link below for the PSI candidate information bulletin.

A candidate information bulletin is included with our 60-Hour prelicensure course which outlines the topics covered on the exam.  If you are taking an exam for an individual trade, please call us or email us and we will send you the outline for that trade.  You can also find this information at


Do I need to take the 60-hour prelicensure course if I held a license in the past?

If you completed  the 60-hour prelicensure education and received your license since the requirement became effective in 2008, but you let your license expire, you only need to re-apply to the State of Michigan and retake/pass both the Business Law and Trades exams.  You are not required to retake the 60-hour prelicensure education.

If you were licensed prior to 2008 when the 60-hour prelicensure education was not required, and you let your license expire, you do need to take the 60-hour prelicense education before sending in your application for re-licensure.  You will also need to pass both parts of the exam.

To be sure, we recommend you call the Builders Unit within the State of Michigan at (517) 373-1820 and ask them to verify whether you need to take the 60-hour program.


How can you be so sure students will pass the first time?

Our 60-hour course has two 9 hours portions devoted entirely to the test: Business of Building focuses on the 50-question Business Law exam; Overview of Building Trades focuses on the Trades exam.  Even the State Mandated portions reinforce test information throughout.

Included is a sample question program with hundreds of questions as close to the real test as it gets.

Included is a Construction Math Tutorial made up of 42 fully narrated math problems just like those on the State exam.

Entire 60 hours reviews the information found on the State exam.  No one knows that test better than the Builders License Training Institute.

Go to the Michigan FAQ’s to learn all there is to know about becoming a Michigan Builder and Continuing Education.

NOTE: If you prefer to pay for your course with a check or money order, please CLICK HERE to print a copy of our convenient mail-in order form. (We do not accept checks by phone.) Payment must be received 7 business days prior to class date.  If you’ve chosen an online class, you will be notified when the class is activated.



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