Michigan 21-Hour Continuing Competency Option #2 (HD-Video)


Michigan 21-Hour Continuing Competency Option #2 (HD-Video)  



This program is comprised of three separate courses that you can take all at once or individually.  You will receive three separate certificates so you can easily fulfill the requirement of completing a minimum of three hours per year:

Course #1.)  3-Hour Code/Law/Safety

This course fulfills the three hour Code, Law and Safety requirement for any Residential Builder or Maintenance and Alteration Contractor License that is up for renewal.

Course #2.)  9-Hour Footings & Foundations

This course is a series of 10 to 12 minutes videos that walk students through the Footing and Foundation construction process from start to finish, beginning with surveys and permits all the way to backfilling.  The course is helpful to anyone working on any piece of property, regardless of whether it is a large country parcel or a city lot.  Here are the individual topics covered:

Course #3.)  Overview of Building Trades

This nine hour course provides an overview of building trade skills, incorporating new practices and various industry tidbits that our instructor has discovered. The information provided in this course is advantageous for anyone seeking to start a residential building project or enter into the building industry, as well as those seasoned builders who are interested in keeping abreast of the latest building techniques.