Contracts, Liabilities and Risk Management Online Video Course


Contracts, Liabilities and Risk Management 7-Hour Course in HD-Video

Approved for 7 credit hours toward prelicensure and continuing competency.





Course Description

This seven hour course explains the principles of contract law and the important elements of a home building and remodeling contract. The difference between various contracts used in the residential construction industry is also described. Requirements and types of insurance are also covered in this course, as well as the details of Workers Compensation.

Chapter 1- Contracts and Contract Terms

  • To describe the contents of a basic home building contract.
  • Explain the difference between fixed-price and cost-plus contracts.

Chapter 2- Request for Proposal

  • Describe the who, what, where, when and how of a Request for Proposal.
  • Understand how a decision matrix works.

Chapter 3- Fundamentals of Contract Law

  • To understand the principles of contract law.

Chapter 4- Bars to a Contract

  • Explain how certain contract defenses can help you avoid being held to an unfair or illegal contract.
  • Understand the Michigan Consumer Protection laws and how they impact the construction industry.

Chapter 5- Insurance

  • Gain a basic understanding of the various types of insurance available to builders.
  • Describe who is and who is not covered by workers’ compensation.