Building Green 7-Hour Course Online in HD-Video


Building Green 7-Hour Course in HD-Video

Approved for 7 credit hours toward prelicensure and continuing competency.




Course Description

This seven hour course will bring attention to methods of green building that allow homes to have less impact on the environment while providing a great economic benefit to the homeowner. Students will learn the importance of incorporating energy-efficiency into their building projects.


Chapter 1- Introduction

• Recognize the importance of practicing energy efficiency in the building/construction industry.

• Identify energy conservation and generation concepts.

• Use of diagnostic testing equipment.


Chapter 2- The Building Envelope

• Describe the wide variety of energy and resource efficient products and systems available.

• Explain some of the cost savings in both labor and materials associated with energy efficient systems.


Chapter 3- Energy Efficient Design

• Discuss and recognize the importance of energy efficient design in indoor systems.

• Describe the characteristics of energy efficient materials and systems compared to traditional ones.


Chapter 4- Green Jobsite

• Explain the benefits of energy efficient solar design and landscaping.

• Describe some of the problems and solutions surrounding jobsite recycling.


Chapter 5- New Technologies

• Understand the features and benefits of new technologies available to builders and homeowners.


Chapter 6-Michigan Energy Code

• Explain the changes made to the 2009 Michigan Uniform Energy Code.

• Understand what measures can be taken to incorporate these changes into construction projects/design.

• Recognize how the changes can ultimately reduce and conserve energy consumption.