Michigan Builders Classroom Continuing Competency

How many hours of Continued Competency do you need?

If you received your Michigan Builders License before 1/1/09, you are only required to complete a 3-Hour Code/Law/Safety course to renew your license.
If you were licensed on or after 1/1/09, you must complete 21 hours by your third year anniversary and another 21 hours by your sixth year anniversary, with a minimum of 3 hours per year. After 6 years of licensing, you only need to take the 3 hour Code/Law/Safety once during each 3-year licensing cycle.

IMPORTANT: The State of Michigan has NEW license renewal procedures. Details HERE


Michigan Builders 3-Hour Code-Law-Safety course is no longer available in a classroom.  

CLICK HERE  You can still take it online anytime 24/7 from any computer or mobile device.


NOTE: If you prefer to pay for your course with a check or money order, please click HERE. (We do not accept checks by phone.) Payment must be received 7 business days prior to class date.  If you’ve chosen an online class, you will be notified when the class is activated.

What happens after I complete my continuing education?

IMPORTANT: The State of Michigan has NEW license renewal requirements. (View the Bureau of Professional Licensing Divisions letter HERE)  You are required to renew your license every 3 years. The next renewal deadline is May 31, 2017.

You must renew your license(s) by using LARA’s online renewal system with a debit or credit card containing a MasterCard, Visa, or Discover logo or by electronic check (e-check). Do not send cash, check or money order. Payments received by mail or in person will no longer be accepted and will be returned without the renewal being processed. View full copy of the new Michigan renewal procedure HERE

How do I show the State of Michigan that I completed my continuing competency?

When you have completed your required continuing education course(s) you will be provided a certificate of completion. This certificate may be given to you by an instructor at the end of your classroom session, or you may print your certificate when you complete your online course(s). In the past, the state would audit 17% of the builders in Michigan.  If you are audited, you will then need to send a copy of the certificate to the state.

What happens if I miss the May 31st deadline?

Failure to renew online and/or failure to meet all renewal requirements by the expiration date of your license means you cannot legally practice as an Individual Residential Builder and may be subject to disciplinary action if you continue to practice.

Are there late charges to renew my license after May 31st?

An additional $20 late fee will be automatically added to the renewal fee if you renew within the 60 days following the license expiration date.

I missed the deadline by more than 60 days. Can I apply for re-licensure?

Licensees who miss the late renewal period and allow their license to lapse may apply for re-licensure.

Requirements for a license lapsed from 61 days to 3 years include:

  • filing of the appropriate re-licensure application and fees
  • be of good moral character

Requirements for a license lapsed for more than 3 years include:

  • completion of 60 hours of approved prelicensure education courses
  •  filing of the appropriate re-licensure application and fees
  • be of good moral character
  • pass the current license examination

You may find the applications for re-licensure in the “Licensing Forms and Applications” section of the LARA website or contact the Licensing Division at 517-373-8068 to request an application to be mailed to you.