Video Year Round Marketing

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Sales and Marketing is an essential part of running a successful business. This video series will show you how to put together a customized, cost-effective marketing program that will work year after year.  The tips and ideas stressed have been proven to set your construction business above the competition.  This free series is our contribution to growing your business in a time when the construction industry needs as much assistance as possible.


Video #1 – Recognize and implement an effective lead generation program. Identify the target customer and analyze the market.

Video #2 – Translate the importance of developing a professional image through the use of a logo, brochures and performance.

Video #3 – Explain the importance of creating customer loyalty through referrals, testimonials and a circle of influence.

Video #4 – Learn proven methods to expand your targeted customer base. Integrate these methods into a successful marketing campaign.

Video #5 – Describe how to implement a practical and successful ad campaign.  Compare the pros and cons of using the Yellow Pages. Explain the benefits of working a professional show, and of maintaining your own showroom.

Video #6 – Identify the tactics that deliver the most qualified leads so you are not wasting time and money.

Video #7 –  Learn about prospective clients and how to target them with yard signs, canvassing and telemarketing.

Video #8 – How to host a client house warming party, use community and charitable events to market your company and the benefits of C0-op marketing funds.

Video #9 – Using the internet, website and social media sites to market your business.

Video #10 – Learn the positives and negatives of various forms of marketing.

Video #11 – Create a marketing schedule, monitor and analyze where your leads are coming from and understanding why you did not get a job.

Video #12 – What is a commercial motor vehicle.  USDOT numbers and what to do with them.  Inspection and vehicle requirements and understanding commercial license plates.

Video #13 – Types of commercial drivers licenses, driver medical requirements, short haul provisions and hazardous materials.