Complete Manufactured Housing Installer 8 Hr CE #P20180008

8 Credit Hours | Online HD Video Course | Instructor:  Mark Conte
This 8 hour will provide professional installers with an understanding of the rules for installing manufactured housing and outline the important procedural and safety standards that must be followed, installation instructions, federal requirements and much more.

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Steps to renew HUD Installer License:

  • To renew you will need to re-apply
  • Must take 8 hours of continuing education and submit proof with your application
  • You will receive a notice to renew 6 months before your license expires at your email address

Manufactured Housing CE Frequently Asked Questions

Under what authority does this program operate?

This program is mandated by Federal Law and HUD per CFR 24 3280, 3282, 3285, 3286 in parts.

Who will need a license?

Anyone that installs a new manufactured home in a HUD-Administered state or territory.

At present the following states fall under the HUD-Administered Manufactured Home Installation Program:










New Jersey

Rhode Island

South Dakota



How do I get a license to become a manufactured home installer?

You must fill out the HUD 307 Manufactured Home Installer License Application with all required supplemental information.
Make sure to fill out the forms entirely with accurate information and legible handwriting. When you submit the application, you must also include the following:

  1. A copy of your surety bond or irrevocable letter of credit and insurance policy.
    2. Proof of completion for an approved installer training course.
How long is my HUD Installer License good for?
Your license as an installer will be good for 3 years, from date of licensure.
How do I renew my HUD Installer License?

To renew you will need to re-apply. To qualify you must take 8 hours of continuing education courses and submit proof with your application. You will receive a notice to renew 6 months before your license expires at the email address you have on file with HUD. Your renewal must be submitted at least 60 days prior to the expiration date.

What happens if my license expires?

Any person applying for a license renewal after the date the license expires must apply for a new installation license.

Do training programs offered by states with a qualified state installation program meet the training requirement for the HUD Installer License?
No. Only approved programs for the HUD Installation Program are accepted.
What qualifies as continuing education?

A list will be published of contacts for qualifying continuing education providers and sent to licensed installers at the time they receive the notice for renewal.

Where will the HUD Installer License give me the ability to install homes?

In all HUD-Administered states and territories. Please see the list of states in Question 2.

Do I need a state or local license in HUD-Administered states?

You may still need a state, local and/or business license if required by your state or local government.

If I already have a state contracting license do I still need a HUD-issued Installer License?

Yes, if you are installing a home in a HUD-Administered State.

How are inspectors certified for the HUD Installation Program?

Inspectors are not certified or licensed through HUD for this program. However, inspectors must meet qualifications pursuant to 24 CFR 3286.511 to be able to inspect manufactured homes in HUD-Administered states.

Do I need to get permits from my local building officials?

Yes, if your locality requires permits for the installation of manufactured homes, grading or land development activities, or environmental permits, i.e. well and septic permits you must still get all required permits from the State or local authority.

What are the penalties for failure to comply with program requirements?

Any person who fails to comply with the requirements is subject to civil and criminal penalties, and to actions for injunctive relief pursuant to 24 CFR 3286.703.

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