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Georgia Residential-Light Commercial Trades Online Course

Georgia Residential-Light Commercial
Trades Exam Prep
Price: $99.00

The Georgia Residential-Light Commercial License is for building one and two-family homes or one-family townhouses not over three stories high, PLUS multi-family or multi-use light commercial buildings or structures and accessory buildings for Commercial Contractors.

To obtain your Residential-Light Commercial Contractor License, you will be required to pass an 90 Question Exam covering the Trades/Practices topics.  You will need to get 63 (70%) of the 90 questions correct.  The questions will be selected at random from a pool of over 1,000 questions. You will be allowed 230 minutes to complete this exam.

This course will prepare you for all topics covered on the Trades/Practices portion of the exam.

Subject Area and # of Questions:

  • Sitework, Footings and Foundations – 8 questions
  • Concrete and Concrete Reinforcement – 8 questions
  • Metals – 5 questions
  • Masonry – 6 questions
  • Carpentry – 16 questions
  • Roofing – 10 questions
  • General Code and Construction Knowledge – 20 questions
  • Associated Trades – 10 questions
  • OSHA Safety – 7 questions


To obtain your Residential-Light Commercial License, you will also be required to pass a  50 Question Exam  covering business/law topics.   You will need to get 35 (70%) of the 50 questions correct.  The questions will be selected at random from a pool of over 1,000 questions.  The exam is timed and you will be allowed 120 minutes.


Exam Requirements & Information

You will be required to take a Business/Law exam and a Trades exam for any of the license types.  You must be at least 21 years old.  Pre-approval from the State of Georgia is required before you take the exams.

The company that contracts with the State of Georgia to conduct the above exam is PSI Examination Services.  A link to a PSI Bulletin explaining all aspects of the examination process is included with all courses.  Their web site is and their phone number is 1-800-733-9267.

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