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Georgia Continuing Education for Contractors License

Georgia Continuing Education for Contractors License

Our Online Continuing Education Classes are:

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DEADLINE: Residential Basic and Residential Light Contractors must complete their Continued Education by
June 30th  
(see FAQ’s below for details)

Choose a course below to complete online continuing education

6-hour Manage Your Way to Big Profits

Fully Narrated

This course is designed to be the next step in raising your construction management skills to the next level. It will help prepare you for the scope of responsibilities that a professional construction project manager, residential or commercial, must be prepared to perform.

Course Syllabus

Price: $59.00
6-hour Georgia 2010 ADA Standards: Real World Application

In video and text

The ADA is one of America’s most comprehensive pieces of civil rights legislation that prohibits discrimination and guarantees that people with disabilities have the same opportunities as everyone else to participate in the mainstream of American life. The 2010 Standards set minimum requirements – both scoping and technical – for newly designed and constructed, or altered State and local government facilities, public accommodations, and commercial facilities to be readily accessible to and usable by individuals with disabilities.

Course Syllabus

Price: $59.00
6-Hour Georgia Financial Responsibilities: Effective Business Strategies

In Video and Text

This course has been designed to provide new or growing, business owners a solid foundation in effective financial strategies.  Keeping accurate records, understanding basic accounting principles and bookkeeping skills is essential for any business owner. Also discussed are ethics, and how to create a formal Code of Ethics or Conduct that will influence the overall culture of the company, as well help bring significant benefits to the success of the company itself.

Course Syllabus

Price: $59.00

3-hour Building on Budget by Design 

Fully Narrated

This course will outline the benefit and importance of pursuing an efficient design that is comparable to a client’s initial request, but ultimately accomplishing it with less complexity, material, and labor—achieving an efficient design resulting in greater value for the homeowner. This presentation will illustrate the basis for the Building on Budget by Design program, providing numerous examples at various points in the design development process for further design inspiration and guidance for a desired construction budget.

Course Syllabus

Price: $29.00

3-hour Successful Renovations and Additions 

In Video and Text

This course is designed to address the needs of both designers and builders. The topics that will be covered include pre-design, building design, structural concerns, making a watertight envelope, code issues, and construction details. Each of these topics will be addressed in the light of both renovation and addition projects.

Course Syllabus

Price: $29.00

3-hour Successful Building Design 

In Audio and Text

In this course, you will learn, from the foundation to the roof, from the appearance to the operation, from construction to maintenance, tried and proven methods for analyzing design decisions that will lead you to a greater reputation.

Course Syllabus

Price: $29.00

3-hour Successful Site Design

Fully Narrated

This course will help you to navigate your entire team through the challenges and pitfalls of site development, all the time with an eye toward building design.

Course Syllabus

Price: $29.00
3-hour GA Drones in Construction

in Video

Drones are the new tool companies are raving about for their marketing and personal use. There are many potential uses for drones in the construction industry, but there are rules and regulations set in place that currently do not allow them. This course is designed to familiarize business owners with the practical use of drone technology.

Course Syllabus

Price: $29.00
3-hour Georgia State Energy Code

All permit holders ( builders, remodelers, and homeowners) are required to comply with the Georgia Energy Code—officially known as the Georgia State Minimum Standard Energy Code. This course will describe the details regarding building features and equipment systems as they pertain to Georgia Energy Codes, and help contractors recognize how these codes can ultimately reduce and conserve energy consumption.

Course Syllabus

Price: $29.00
3-hour Contractor Responsibility for Asbestos

This course will teach you how to recognize the dangers of asbestos in the construction industry, the symptoms that can be expected from exposure, many of which do not occur for many years. It will also describe the procedures used in handling asbestos according to OSHA Standard in the construction industry and how to comply with these standards.

Course Syllabus

Price: $29.00
3-hour Weatherization

Gain confidence in the ability to reduce building envelope failure using proven methods of construction. Building homes that are well protected from the weather is important for all building professionals.  You’ll be able to recognize the mistakes that frequently occur, causing building envelope failure and understand the ramifications of claims made against contractors.

Course Syllabus

Price: $29.00
3-hour Renewable Energy

Renewable energy is contributing more and more to the world’s ever-rising energy demands. Contractors should know what products are on the market, and what rebates and incentives are available for their customers who want to take advantage of energy efficient resources and components.  Gain confidence in your ability to provide valuable information to customers regarding renewable energy options.

Course Syllabus

Price: $29.00

How many hours of continuing education do I need to complete?

An applicant for renewal of his or her residential license must have completed 3 hours of acceptable continuing education each year for a Georgia Residential Basic license and 6 hours of continuing education each year for a Georgia Residential Light Commercial license, with a year being July 1st through June 30th.

Here are the licensing categories and amount of continued education that is required in each:

No Continued Education Required for
  • General Contractor Individual
  • General Contractor Limited Tier IND
  • General Contractor Limited Tier QA
  • General Contractor Qualifying Agent

Three (3) Hours Required for

  • Residential Basic Individual
  • Residential Basic Qualifying Agent

Six (6) Hours Required for

  • Residential Light Commercial Individual
  • Residential Light Qualifying Agent
If you do not know, you can either go to this web site: and look up your license or you can call (478) 207-2440.


Are online courses accepted for Georgia required continuing education?

Online continuing education courses can be completed for contractor continuing education. However, Georgia allows a maximum of 50% of your continuing education may be completed online. 

When will my Georgia Contractor continued education need to be completed by?

An applicant for renewal of his or her residential license must have completed 3 hours of acceptable continuing education each year for a Georgia Residential Basic license and 6 hours of continuing education each year for a Georgia Residential Light Commercial license, with a year being July 1st through June 30th.


How do I show I’ve completed my Georgia Required Continued Education?

You will be required to provide a signed statement (affirmative response if renewing online) under oath that all applicable continuing education requirements have been met.


What records should I keep?

(a) School conducting the course
(b) Location of course
(c) Title/description of course
(d) Course outline
(e) Dates attended
(f) Hours claimed
(g) Certification of Completion

Records must be maintained by both school and licensee for two years and must be submitted to the Board upon request.

What happens if I do not complete my Georgia Required Continuing Education?

Failure to complete all hours of mandatory continuing education will serve as grounds to deny the renewal of a license and may also result is disciplinary action being taken against a licensee.

Are there exceptions?

The Board may relax or suspend the requirements for reasons of individual hardship or health of the applicant.


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