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Commercial Drone Training

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Commercial drone usage is gaining in popularity and the demand continues to grow. Once used exclusively for military purposes, the drone is now utilized in a variety of industries. Join instructor Greg MacMaster and explore the advantages of using drone technology for Construction and Real Estate purposes.

Course Instructor: Greg MacMaster
Certified Drone/UAV Pilot FAA: 2015-0389 #11568

“Just wanted to let you know I successfully passed my remote pilot exam! Thank you for a comprehensive course, you are a very competent pilot and I just wanted to say I’m one of your success stories.” – Andrew Ortega

Recent changes in FAA regulations (as of 6/21/2016) eliminated the requirement for a traditional pilot’s license to operate a drone for commercial purposes. Now it is much easier to become a licensed commercial drone pilot. The new FAA Part 107 regulations only require a Remote Pilot in Command Certification in order to use drones in commercial applications. To obtain this certification you will need to pass the FAA Remote Pilot in Command Certification Exam.


Exam Prep (sUAS)

FAA Remote Pilot in Command Certification
Exam Prep Test  

This online course will prepare you for the Remote Pilot in Command Certification exam that you need to PASS in order to fly your sUAS for commercial or business purposes. As of 6/21/2016, the FAA will requires a Remote Pilot in Command Certification in order to use drones in commercial applications.

Course Description

Price: $159.00


sUAS Additional Courses

Intro to Controlled Airspace for sUAS Operators

This chapter is designed to help prevent sUAS accidents and mishaps, including near misses occurring from a lack of understanding of airport issues.

Drone Wx-UAS-CAS-1

Course Syllabus

Price: $39.00

sUAS Weather

This provides an overview of aviation weather that sUAS pilots will find useful when planning day-to-day operations.

Drone Wx-CAS-2

Course Syllabus

Price: $49.00

AeroMedical Decision Making for sUAS in Controlled Airspace

There are a series of courses a commercial sUAS operator will need to take to become knowledgeable to pass the FAA written test and receive certification to fly legally. This is just one of them. This introductory course focuses on a drone pilots flight operation patterns.

Drone Wx-CAS-05

Course Syllabus

Price: $29.00

sUAS Aerodynamics

This course walks you through fixed wing and quad copter aerodynamics, including controls, stability and stalls.

Drone Wx-CAS-04

Course Syllabus

Price: $39.00

FAR’s for sUAS Integration into Navigable Airspace

This section covers Part 61, Part 91, and Part 107 of the Federal Aviation Rules and Regulations.

Drone Wx-CAS-03

Course Syllabus

Price: $49.00


Michigan Builders Continued Education

MI Drones in Construction (4 HR) AIABLTI336

Fulfills 4-hours of continuing education credits for Michigan Builders

This 4-hour online course is an introduction to the use of Drones within the Construction industry and is available in Video and has been approved for 4 hours of MI Builders continuing competency.

Price: $49.00


Georgia Builders Continued Education

GA Drones in Construction (3 HR) 

Approved for 3-hours of continuing education credits

This 3-hour course is an introduction to the use of Drones within the Construction industry. It is available in Video and has been approved for 3 hours of GA Builders continuing competency.

Price: $29.00


Real Estate Continued Education

Drones in Real Estate (4 HR)

Approved for 4-hours of continuing education credits

This 4-hour course is an introduction to the use of Drones within the Real Estate industry. It is available in Video and has been approved for 4 hours of MI Real Estate continuing competency.

Price: $49.00


Architect Continued Education – AIA Approved

Drones in Construction (4 HR) AIABLTI336

Approved for 4-hours of continuing education credits

Four-hour, video course is designed to familiarize business owners with the practical use of drone technology. You will become knowledgeable about available technology and proper use of drones, basics of aerial survey and mapping, and the benefits of sUAV application in marketing and advertising.

#AIABLTI336 – 4 LU Credits –

Price: $49.00
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will the Drones in Real Estate/Construction class prepare me for the FAA written test?

A: No, those classes are designed as an introduction to the use of Drones in your industry. These courses qualify for 4-hours of continuing education credits. If you want to go into commercial flying, then the FAA courses above will prepare you to take the FAA written test.


Q: Will these 5 classes (6-hour course) prepare me to pass the FAA written test to fly a sUAS legally for commercial purposes?

A: Yes, once you have successfully passed the courses, you’ll need to register to take the FAA written test at a testing facility near you. Once you pass, you can submit for the certification and, upon approval, be able to fly commercially. But first, you must pass the TSA background check.


Q: What is covered in the Real Estate/Construction Course?

A: This course series covers the following topics:

  • Types of sUAS/Drones in the industry
  • Placement of Materials
  • Safe Routes to Site
  • Measuring Stockpiles and More
  • Roofing and Elevated Inspections
  • Showing Homes and Commercial Property
  • Use in Marketing and Advertising
  • Site Security
  • Use of Thermal/Infra-Red Sensor Technology
  • Federal Rules and Regulations associated with sUASs
  • Cost of Drones (Pros and Cons)
  • Drones in your industry (overview)
    • Geographical
    • Surveying
    • Mapping
    • Site Selection


Q: Why do I need to know about airspace I won’t be flying in?

A: Airspace, regardless of location, is occupied by over 1.9 million aircraft just in the U.S.A alone. Since the Navigable Airspace is regulated by the FAA, it’s important you know what each classification means and who operates within that airspace. While you may not have an airport nearby, there’s a good possibility you may receive a request to fly somewhere that is within a different classification of airspace.


Q: Don’t you have to be a licensed private pilot in order to operate a drone for commercial purposes?

A: Currently yes, but as the new rules become a reality, everyone over the age of 16 will be qualified to take the FAA written test. This means you won’t have to take all the ground school classes associated with becoming a licensed private pilot. This will save you thousands of dollars.


Q: What’s the difference between taking these courses at an aviation department, college or university as opposed to an online program?

A: Depending on the tuition fees (in-county, in-state and out-of-state), you could be looking at a difference of thousands of dollars. The FAA written test to become sUAS certified does not require you take accredited courses from any college or university. Your only requirement is that you become knowledgeable in the sUAS rules that the FAA will be testing you on. Why spend thousands of dollars on classes when you could use that money towards a nice sUAS platform with all the sensors to fly commercially?


Q: How often will I have to take these courses?

A: Every 2 years or as often as the FAA requires you to stay certified.


Q: Will I have to pass a flight physical to fly a drone?

A: No. A government issued I.D will be required that can substitute for a medical flight physical.


Q: Who can take the FAA written test to become sUAS certified?

A: Anyone who would like to fly commercially and is above the age of 16. To become eligible to fly, you’ll need to pass a TSA background check.


Q: How old must I be to take this course?

A: There is no age restriction to take the course. However, if you are taking it to prepare for the FAA Aeronautical Knowledge Test, you must be at least 16 years old.


Q: When will this FAA Aeronautical Test become available for me to take?

A: After August 21st, 2016


Q: Where can I take this test?

A: You can find a location near you by going to this website:
Call 1-800-211-2754 to register to take the FAA Aeronautical Knowledge Test at a location near you.


Q: How much does it cost to take the test?

A:  The testing center charges $150 to take this test.


Q: Can I contact the instructor directly with other questions?

A: Absolutely! Feel free to email your questions to Greg MacMaster –


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