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Manage Your Way to Big Profits — 7 hour Online Course

This course can be completed for continuing education in the following states and national associations:

AIA Approved
Alaska Contractor
Continuing Education #12006
Georgia Contractor
Continuing Education
Louisiana Contractor
Continuing Education
Michigan LARA
Continuing Education
Oregon CCB
Continuing Education #SRA0224
Florida Contractor
Continuing Education #0611600
Minnesota Residential Builders
and Building Officials #20150594

Construction Fail, Pitfalls in Project Management, Being a Project Management Pro

Manage Your Way to Big Profits

Course Description

This seven hour course is an introduction to professional project management. This class should help prepare the student to understand the scope of responsibilities of a construction project manager. The course begins with preconstruction services and project start-up tasks. As the project continues, controlling the finances, overseeing the project progress, safety, environmental and energy concerns are just a few of the many tasks a project manager must supervise. Finally, a successful manager must properly close out the project, all while achieving a profit, and securing a satisfied customer.

Upon completion of this course, participants will:

  • Be able to assemble a project team, ensuring they are qualified to perform the work in accordance with specifications and requirements.
  • Recognize the role of OSHA in the workplace, and describe the causes of the most common workplace injuries.
  • Understand environmental regulations that govern construction activities for protecting water, air and land quality.
  • Develop a close out procedure that will verify accuracy and completion of all building component systems, including warranties and certifications, prior to issuance of a Certificate of Occupancy.



*Learning Objectives:  1) Have a clear understanding of the preconstruction planning process. 2) Be able to assemble a project team, ensuring they are qualified to perform the work in accordance with specifications and expectations. 3) Have a clear understanding of the submittal process, making sure all materials meet the requirements set forth by the architects and engineers. 4) Develop a Schedule of Values, allocating specific values to specific portions of work, which are then submitted for payment.

Lesson 1

1. The Project Manager
2. Planning
3. Selecting a Project Team
4. Job Number
5. Letters of Intent
6. Contracts
7. Submittals
8. RFIs

Lesson 2

1. Cost Codes
2. Schedule of Values

Lesson 3

1. Meeeting with the Project Superintendent
2. Preconstruction Meetings
3. Final Project Schedule
4. Permits
5. Transmittal Letters
6. Job File


*Learning Objectives:  1) Recognize the importance of the submittal process, in terms of quality of workmanship, and the timely completion of the project. 2) Understand the change order/proposal process; who is responsible, and what must be done to document the changes. 3) Be able to coordinate all the components of a construction project while the project is ongoing; from progress meetings, material ordering, pay applications to profit estimating.

Lesson 1

1.  Site Preparation
2.  Submittals
3.  Progress Meetings

Lesson 2

1. Communication
2. Designing Issues
3. Bulletins
4. Change Orders

Lesson 3

1. Change Proposal Log
2. Tests and Inspections
3. Daily Reports
4. Profit Estimates
5. Payment Applications
6. Paying Subs and Suppliers
7. Approving Non-Contract Material Invoices
8. Lien Laws



*Learning Objectives:  1) Understand environmental regulations that govern construction activities for protecting water, air and land quality.2) Recognize the regulations that govern management and disposal of solid, hazardous, and special waste and describe some of the problems and solutions surrounding jobsite recycling. 3) Distinguish between conventional and green building practices and techniques.

Lesson 1

1. Pollution Prevention
2. Water Quality
3. Air Quality

Lesson 2

1. Land Quality
2. Managing Waste
3. Green Building



*Learning Objectives: 1) Recognize the role of OSHA in the workplace, and describe the causes of the most common workplace injuries.2) Define and execute required record keeping, posting and safety standards. 3) Learn the responsibilities of both the employer and the employee in observing established safety practices.

Lesson 1

1. Overview
2. Employer/Employee Responsibilities
3. First Aid
4. Recordkeeping
5. Hazard Communication

Lesson 2

1. PPE
2. Tool Safety
3. Fall Protection
4. Ladders/Stairs
5. Scaffolds

Lesson 3

1. Excavation
2. Electricity
3. Welding
4. Materials
5. Concrete and Masonry Construction
6. Violations



*Learning Objectives: 1) Have a solid understanding of the steps involved in closing out a project. 2) Be able to develop a checklist that will serve as a template to complete the close out binders, as well as to expedite your final payment. 3) Be sure that the set of procedures you follow are clearly understood by the owners, and are outlined during the agreement phase of the project.

Lesson 1

1.  Project Closeout
2.  Specification Manual Close-out Instructions
3.  Binders


Course instructors will be available by email or telephone between 9am and 5pm Eastern Standard Time. They will assist you with questions regarding course content.

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