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ADV Gable End Anchoring & Framing for High Velocity Winds

1 Hour Online Course — Fully Narrated

1 Advanced Building Code Credit — FL 0610163 / AIABLTI323

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AIA Approved Continuing EducationADV Gable End Anchoring and Framing for High Velocity Winds

Course Description

This one hour internet course is intended to provide a minimum of one hour of instruction of continued education for Florida certificate holders and registrants pertaining to Gable End Anchoring and Framing.  Inspection of residential buildings that endured past hurricanes in Florida has shown that one of the most damaged structural components in residential homes is the gable-end wall or the gable-end truss for timber wall or masonry wall constructions.  This course is based on the 2010 Florida Building Code changes that surround the most common causes of gable end failure during high velocity hurricane events.


Course Outline

Learning objectives are provided to facilitate student understanding and progress.   Informal progress checks throughout the module help students review and measure their understanding of the material.  The final assessment at the end accurately reflects the information covered.  Students must answer 80% of the questions correctly in order to receive credit/certification for the course.


METHOD OF PRESENTATION: This distance learning course is formatted specifically for internet delivery.  Course presentation will require student participation through section reviews and assessments.  This method of course presentation assures that student will have direct control of course delivery.

Course material will be presented using multimedia formats, including but not limited to:  static text, narration, photos and illustrations. Additionally, participants will have the opportunity to link to related resource websites and applicable articles.  Participants will be able to access instructor support via email (24 hour) and telephone communication (during normal daytime office hours).

*Learning Objectives:  1)  Know what “load path” means and how it is maintained  2)  Recognize and understand basic terminology for structural components 3) Describe the limitations when using wood components to frame a gable end wall

A.  Florida High Velocity Hurricane Zones

B.  Roof to Wall Connections–Reinforcing

C.  Definitions

D.  Section R4407, R4408, R4409

1.  Masonry

2.  Wood

3.  Unit Stresses

4.  Sheathing

This course is intended to provide a minimum of one hour of instruction of continued education for Florida certificate holders and registrants pertaining to Gable End Anchoring and Framing.


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