“Great Courses and Instructions well done! Just completed your course and thoroughly enjoyed it!
Looking forward to seeing you again in 2 years.” Paul Corriveau, MA


Why do you provide Code Official classes in only Four states?

We currently have courses approved in the above four states, but we will be adding more courses and course packages as we get State approvals.

How can I see the State requirements for Code officials?

Each State Code Official page has a custom set of “Frequently Asked Questions” with answers specific to that state.

How will I receive my course?

At the checkout page, you will choose a username and password that will give you immediate access to your course.  You can log into your course by clicking the RED LOGIN on the top right corner of of our site.

You can come and go as you please and the courses will not let you fail.  Print your certificate of completion as soon as you finish.

Do your courses come in video or do I have to read them?

You choose how you want to take the courses.  We have some that are text, some video and some fully narrated.  All courses come with printable text, even the video and narrated courses.

How is the State notified that I have completed my Continuing Education?

We will report completions for Michigan Continuing Competency and Minnesota Continued Education.  Massachusetts Code Officials need to send completions to Kimberly Spencer at kimberly.spencer@state.ma.us.  Virginia Code Officials are required to submit completion to the Department of Housing and Community Development.

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