Code and Energy Efficient Building 4 HR CE



Approved for 4 Hour Specialty for Building Inspectors, Building Officials, and Plan Reviewers

State Approval #18303 – Credit(s) earned upon completion of this course will be reported to the State of Michigan Department of Energy, Labor, and Economic Growth: Bureau of Construction Codes/ Building Division. Certificates of Completion for both Code Officials and non-Code Officials will be available to print upon completion of this course.



Course Description

     Code:  It’s important to recognize the fact that without a standard to meet, many buildings would simply be too dangerous and unsafe to occupy or, too costly to maintain. It’s not just safety and use that the code is concerned with. The current, enforceable code also addresses environmental and energy concerns. The building codes and the building officials that enforce them are there to safeguard the health, safety, property, and public welfare.

     Energy Efficient Building:  Even as technological innovation creates new construction possibilities, incorporating energy-efficiency into building projects can not only provide a better quality of life, but also protect the environment. A comprehensive approach to resource and energy efficiency is the best method to achieve a resource and energy efficient building. This course will help builders identify important considerations and then apply those principles to a specific project. 

This 4-Hour course applies four hours towards Specialty credit.



Using the Code Book (40 Minutes)

1.  Who Needs a Code Book?
2.  Introduction to the Code Book
3.  Using the Code Book
4.  Permit Process
5.  Applying the Logic

Assessment: 5 questions


Code  Tables, Illustrations and Footnotes (40 Minutes)

1.  Use of Tables, Illustrations and Footnotes
2.  IRC examples
3.  OSHA examples
4.  IECC examples

Assessment: 5 questions


Residential Code (30 Minutes)

1.  Revisions of the IRC
2.  Adoption of the IRC by Reference
3.  Definitions

Assessment: 5 questions


Energy Code (40 Minutes)

1.  Administration
2.  Definitions
3.  Insulation
4.  Resource and Energy Efficient Building Systems

Assessment: 5 questions
Energy Efficient Building (50 Minutes)

1.  Environmental Concerns and Implications
2.  Evaluating the Site and Remediation Strategies: Building orientation, erosion, water
3.  “Green” power generation: solar, performance, varying sources
4.  Photovoltaic, geothermal, recycling, air quality, LEED Rating System

Assessment: 5 questions



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