Best US Cities for Construction Jobs in 2021

Due to the lockdowns last year, we saw many construction projects delayed. We also experienced uncertainty regarding the impact the global pandemic would have on the economy. On top of everything, construction materials saw a dramatic increase in prices. However, things are looking pretty hopeful at the moment. Contractors in the US have been finding areas in the country that have been experiencing some construction activity. And not just some, it has, in fact, been greater than usual. Therefore, let’s take a look at what those areas are and find out what the best US cities for construction jobs in 2021 are. It will be worth paying attention to construction activities in these different regions and see an opportunity for your future projects and employment. Also, if you are considering a career in construction, this may be the best time to go for it.

Seattle definitely seems promising

There is a simple reason why Seattle will come on top of whatever the pandemic throws at it. Some of the most influential companies have headquarters or conduct major operations in this city. Think about Boeing, Amazon, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, and more. The Rain City definitely manages to make up for the lack of sunny days.

It is a place with the highest employment rates in the construction industry in the entire country. Moreover, it is at the top of the list in terms of safety. From 2017 to 2020, only 0.05 fatalities per 1000 workers occurred on construction sites. As for salaries, they are pretty favorable for construction workers. 

The city has enjoyed a steady growth in construction activity for several years now. And even after a considerable number of employees were laid off last year when the pandemic hit, it appears that the employment has got on its feet. And it has exceeded the pre-pandemic levels. Such a development clearly signals that Seattle’s residential and commercial construction markets are healthy and resilient. And this sector will continue to hire back workers, which is why Seattle is on top of our list of best US cities for construction jobs in 2021.

Austin deserves a place on the list of best US cities for construction jobs in 2021

There are two primary reasons why Austin is an excellent area for construction workers. Firstly, in February this year, it authorized the third-highest number of construction permits. And secondly, the shortage of construction workers is more than noticeable. And this lack is nothing new for Austin, given that the scope of residential construction in this booming place is astonishing. So, construction companies and contractors have an incredible opportunity to take advantage of this shortage of construction labor force and high demand for homes. 

Much like Seattle, Austin hasn’t experienced such a dramatic impact of the pandemic. And it’s no surprise, given how much activity there was when the pandemic began. Although some projects were put on pause, and some were never built. The reason for that is because the construction of such a project probably wouldn’t make much sense in the new climate. Thus, as expected, office and hotel projects have suffered a considerable blow, just like throughout the country. Still, they continue to move forward if they are a part of a mixed-use construction.

Furthermore, many companies want to take advantage of the business-friendly environment the Lone Star state offers, and relatively low taxes certainly help. And another draw of this fantastic city is its rich entertainment offer, plentiful social opportunities, and numerous recreational possibilities.

No problems in Houston

Houston is another Texan city worthy of mention as one of the places with great opportunities for construction laborers. It takes second place in terms of the building permits issued in February 2021, surpassing even a significantly larger New York City. The reason for this certainly has something to do with the striking population boom happening in Texas for the past ten years.

As for the wages, Houston can boast higher pay for construction workers compared to many other Texan locations. And that is excellent news especially combined with the pretty low cost of living.

Things seem optimistic in Detroit too

Construction job prospects in the city of Detroit are very promising. The primary reason is the increase in the number of medical facility construction projects. And it is not only due to an increased demand for hospitals but also urgent care clinics and nursing homes. Moreover, with online shopping activity rising through the roof, there has also been an increase in demand for more warehouses.

So, if construction workers looking for employment choose to move to Detroit, it will undoubtedly be a sound decision. And one can easily become a resident of Detroit with a reliable company handling their belongings. Work will be there waiting, given the extensive list of construction projects planned for this year.

Next stop, Minneapolis

With above-average building permits, even more above-average salaries for construction laborers (only workers in New York City get higher wages), and the cost of living more than affordable (unquestionably much more affordable than in Big Apple), Minneapolis definitely deserves an epithet of being one of the best cities for construction jobs in the US. 

And how do you know you will have a job there? Well, with a steady growth noticeable in residential housing, especially now in the post-Covid environment when the industry is recovering, there is also a rise in demand for construction workers. 

Philadelphia is worth considering

Philadelphia is another city similar to the first mention on our list, Seattle. It has proved its resilience despite the pandemic and showed that it is home to a mature and solid construction market. Also, almost 2500 building permits were approved in February this year, so the construction activity is alive and buzzing. And there are both residential and commercial projects underway. On top of plentiful job opportunities, it is good to know that the average salary for construction workers is well above the national average. 

Final words

All things considered, the future looks bright. As a matter of fact, it seems that this is a perfect moment to consider working in the construction industry. This career will offer competitive pay as well as opportunities for advancement and professional development. And hopefully, our list of best US cities for construction jobs in 2021 has helped you get an idea of where to start looking.